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4-6 pages
Goal setting is a common practice in marketing. It is important to set goals in the marketing strategy plan so that the marketing practices are aligned with the overall goals of the business. SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. These goals are applicable in business as well as for yourself. In this assignment, you will combine these purposes. You are a future entrepreneur. You have a new product or service that you have created, and you are getting ready to launch your new brand. While putting together your marketing strategy plan, you should consider some of the important goals in marketing.

Read this article to understand 10 SMART Goals in Marketing (and Why They Are Important).
Watch this video to better understand how to set SMART goals for digital marketing.
Using what you have learned, use the following questions to guide your writing: 

Describe the name of your brand and the product and/or service that will launch your business.
Provide a SMART goal that you will need to meet to launch your product and explain the reasoning for these goals.
Why is this goal relevant to your business and how would you attain it?
Please explain why it is important to be SMART when setting goals for your business?

Please use the to complete this assignment.
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