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Marriage and the Family
All writing assignments, discussions, tests, examinations, and projects must be created in a narrative format. Bullet points and lists are unacceptable unless the bullet points and lists are followed by an extensive detailed description or explanation that follows the narrative format at least a paragraph (6 sentences). 
This week you are required to write Literature Reviews. 

Find, scholarly articles on the topic provided.
Read the articles 
Provide a description of the article
Write a summary, and 
In the week 4 assignment write the purpose of the article. 
In addition, you must create your literature review in APA format and remember to include the APA in-text citations and references. There is information at the end of the directions that may help you with this assignment.

Gender differences are challenging and evoke many feelings based on ones values, beliefs, culture, and societal acceptance. 
Create 2 Literature Reviews on Gender Differences. Use scholarly articles to create these reviews.
Each literature review must include the following items:
1. Summarize the first article – include the title of the articles. Write 1 paragraph – 12.5 points
2. Summarize the second article – include the title of the articles. Write 1 paragraph – 12.5 points
3. In 1 paragraph describe the purpose of the first article – 12.5 points
4. In 1 paragraph describe the purpose of the second article – 12.5 points
5. You must have an APA citation and references – How to write an APA citation is located in the ‘Start Here”‘ folder – 50 points for both reviews


Find scholarly articles on the topic (this is the literature you will review)
Summary each article and include the title of the articles. Write 1 paragraph 
Tell the purpose of the article used in each review. Write 1 paragraph
Create APA citations
Create APA references 

Course Materials: Lamanna, Mary Ann and Agnes Riedmann. Marriages and Families, 13th ed. Cengage, 2018.ISBN: 978-128573697-6 
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