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Assessment 3Briefing
MGMT3001 International Management: Individual Case Study Analysis

Report Format
Total word count: 2,500 words
Summary (500 words)
Question 1 (300 words) – indicate question number
Question 2 (300 words) – indicate question number
Question 3 (300 words) – indicate question number
Question 4 (300 words) – indicate question number
Question 5 (300 words) – indicate question number
Conclusion (500 words)
No executive summary needed.
No introduction needed.

Assignment 3: Word count is 2,500 (10%+/- rule: word limit is 2,250 – 2,750)
Do we need to cite and reference the case study?
Yes, please cite the case when you use the information from it.
You may also choose to cite the source in the topic sentence of a paragraph and mention the following information was sourcing from the same source as the first one.
Use up the information from the case study first before using information from outside sources. Make sure the outside sources are valid and reliable.
No Wikipedia, CourseHero, UK.Essay, etc. essay mill sites. I will fail you and report you for academic misconduct.

The title page, table of contents, reference list and appendices do not comprise part of the prescribed word limit. Please also print the total word count on the cover page.
You are expected to use at least ten (10) different scholarly journal articles (please check the library guide if you are uncertain about the definition of a scholarly journal) published within the past ten years to support your arguments and discussion.
Unable to meet this mandatory requirement will result in a zero in your reference section (10%) of the marking rubric. Written assignments must use the Chicago 17th B Referencing style and assignments unsatisfactorily referenced will not be marked and the students notified.
Please don’t forget to cite the case as this is a case study analysis.

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