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Title: Why is it so hard to build affordable housing in New York?
My chosen NY State is Michelle Hinchey who is the NYS senate and she represents NY Senate District 46.
My chosen NY State Assembly Representative is Jennifer Rajkumar who is the NY State Assembly Representative and she represents Assembly District 38.

Outline Instructions:
Submit a strong thesis statement for your paper and an outline of your paper.  Here are two resources to help you
Your outline should indicate how your paper topic is related to economics. 
How will your paper examine the economic costs (including opportunity costs) and benefits of your topic?
How could New York State policies on your topic effect the economy?
What are the positions of your elected representatives, in the Assembly and New York State Senate on your topic?

Full Paper Instructions
3 pages paper. In addition, there should be bibliography page. 
Format of Paper:
Title: The title should be concise statement of the subject of the paper.
1. State the topic you researched for the paper in a succinct declarative sentence identifying the topic you researched.
2. Convince your reader that the study will be based upon concepts studied in the course.  Give an economic rationale why your topic is important and related to NY State legislative control.

Discussion, Implications and Recommendations:
· Provide a logical discussion to prove to your reader that you understand the implications of your study. Use economic analysis in discussing your topic.
· Include only pertinent information you have researched on the topic and implications.
· What are the NY State policies that are being proposed or put into action to address the economic topic you researched?     
· If you were in a position to make recommendations, what would they be? 
· Write about your findings from your NY State legislators (in Assembly and NY State Senate) you researched or/and interviewed.
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