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The intent of this assignment is for you to consider the concept of energy balance as well as other individual factors that influence a persons weight. You will have the opportunity to apply concepts learned throughout the course to demonstrate learning and understanding.

View the following prompts and respond as directed. It is recommended to do this review with yourself as the subject, however, if it is not a healthy or safe activity for you to do this for yourself you may create a hypothetical person as the subjector use a family member or friend if you have someone willing to allow you to track their intake. If you still have concerns about this activity, please reach out to discuss it with me to determine an alternative way for you to demonstrate your understanding and application.
Prompt 1: Energy Balance 

You will use a tracking website/app (Cronometer is recommended, reach out if you have questions or concerns how to use this app or website) to enter a typical days intake and exercise.

Be sure to be as specific as possible with things such as serving size and condiments used as this will change the values in your report.
Remember that anything that contains kcals should be included (foods, beverages, supplements), you are welcome to track water if you wish but not required.
You do not earn extra points for meeting everything perfectly. Id rather you track truthfully and be able to reflect on that than track what you think I want to see. Absolutely no judgment from me on your intake!
Take a screenshot of your report to include (I do not need the food log, just the nutrient list) once completed.

Once you have had a chance to track your intake and your exercise and review the report reflect on the following:

Discuss based on the tracked information what your energy balance likely is.
Does this align with your current health and/or weight goals? Expand on why or why not.
What would the long-term health implications be of continuing in your determined energy balance?

Prompt 2: SMART Goal & Barrier Considerations  

Considering the information from above create a weight management-related SMART goal for yourself (or your hypothetical person).

Remember that weight management can be loss, gain, or maintenance. You should select a goal that is appropriate and safe for you and your health/performance goals.

Identify at least (2) potential barriers that you or someone trying to reach your stated goal may encounter including a potential solution to each barrier.
Examine prejudicial structures and attitudes around weight and weight discrimination, how might this impact a person in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and weight-related behaviors? Please give at least (1) specific example in your discussion.

Prompt 3: Weight Management Strategy 

Develop a strategy for achieving your above-listed weight management goal.

Include a discussion of nutritional considerations you will have. Refer to the tracking report and include specific modifications that would be helpful in achieving your goal. Be sure to explain why these modifications would be included. If you are on track with all the nutritional considerations, explain what things you are doing to achieve this and why it is beneficial.
Include a discussion of physical activity/exercise-related modifications that would help to achieve this goal. Again, like with nutrition, if you are already doing what is required to achieve your goal include what you are doing and why this is helping you towards your goal.
Discuss at least (3) lifestyle or behavior change-related modifications you can or have incorporate(d) to help you achieve your goal. Explain why each behavior or lifestyle modification will help you to achieve your goal.

**Please be sure that you include citations as necessary and make it clear what is personal anecdotal information vs. scholarly science-backed information.
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