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Module 2 Assignment

All members of Mayor Keller’s task force are committed to improving Grand City’s educational system and community from the perspective representative of his or her institution, role, or specialized expertise. The Grand City community at large is excited about the work being done and proposed by the task force. News of the changes has been spreading throughout the state and garnering interest among leaders in many of the surrounding communities. How might you address questions or concerns from others looking to become agents of change? What insights have you gained in your work on the task force to encourage others to make decisions based on the data?
For this Assignment, you will develop a motivational video for communities outside of Grand City planning their own initiatives for change.
Important Note: You will be required to upload your video file (and transcript) to the Module 3 Discussion 1 thread (Day 3 of Week 5) after submitting it as an Assignment in this module.
To prepare:
· Review the Cho et al. (2015) case study related to the installation of data systems in a school district. Consider how this example examines the challenges inherent in technological and organizational change.
· Review the Guidera (2015), Chenoweth (2015), and Marsh & Farrell (2015) articles. Think about the arguments for and against educational change based on data. How might you encourage others to support the use of data-informed decision making for educational and social change?
· Review the Sterrett and Irizarry (2015) and Morel (2014) articles. Reflect on the strengths of working collaboratively with all stakeholders as well as any challenges that might need to be overcome.
· In the City Hall location in Grand City, review the District Collaboration for Change video. Imagine you are a member of the Grand City task force. How might you use what you have explored thus far with regard to change, collaboration, and data-informed decision making to motivate the neighboring district superintendent’s staff, faculty, and community leaders in their change efforts?
· Review the information regarding how to decrease the size of a video file and upload a video to a Discussion Forum in the Kaltura Media Uploader link under Course Home.
Assignment Task
Create a 2 page motivational Word transcript of for a video and citations to resources to meet ADA requirements
The transcript should be detailed explaining the following information:
· Who you are and the specialization expertise you represent on Mayor Keller’s task force. (Hello, I am Angel Winslow and I represent early childhood education as a specialization area.

· The importance of being an educational agent of change and why you believe collecting and interpreting data is essential to the role of educational leader of change.

· The importance of collaboration among cross-specialization groups working to make meaningful change, and why data-informed decision making is essential for a collaborative group to initiate and implement plans for educational and community change.

· Summarize the key points of your presentation.

The transcript will be used as presentation of  a 5- to 7-minute motivational video
Important Note: You will be required to upload your video file (and transcript) to the Module 3 Discussion 1 thread (Day 3 of Week 5) after submitting it as an Assignment in this module.
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