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PICOT Based Nursing Project
A PICOT-based nursing project is a research study that uses the PICOT (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time) framework to guide the design and implementation of the study. Here is a sample PICOT-based nursing project:
P: Elderly patients with hypertension (population)I: Implementation of a home blood pressure monitoring program (intervention)C: Comparison of blood pressure control in patients using the home monitoring program versus those who receive standard care (comparison)O: Improved blood pressure control (outcome)T: 6 months (time)Objective: To determine the effectiveness of a home blood pressure monitoring program on blood pressure control in elderly patients with hypertension over a 6-month period.
Background: Hypertension is a common problem among the elderly population. About 60% of the population has hypertension by 60 years of age and about 65% of men and 75% of women develop high BP by 70 years. The US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that 70% of adults ≥65 years have hypertension. Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to serious health complications such as heart disease and stroke. Home blood pressure monitoring is a way for patients to monitor their own blood pressure regularly and share the results with their healthcare provider, who can then make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.
Methods: This study will be a randomized controlled trial involving a total of 200 elderly patients with hypertension. The intervention group will consist of 100 patients who will use a home blood pressure monitoring program, and the comparison group will consist of 100 patients who will receive standard care. Blood pressure will be measured at the beginning of the study and at regular intervals (monthly) throughout the 6-month period. The primary outcome measure will be blood pressure control, as determined by the percentage of patients whose blood pressure is at or below 140/90 mmHg.Expected Outcome: The study will provide evidence on the effectiveness of a home blood pressure monitoring program in improving blood pressure control in elderly patients with hypertension. If the study finds that the home monitoring program is effective, it could be adopted as a standard part of care for elderly patients with hypertension, which would lead to improved health outcomes and cost savings.
This is just a sample, it can always depend on the researcher and the Institution it needs to fit their needs and protocol, also not all PICOT projects will have all components, sometimes, the researcher have the opportunity to use all five components, sometimes just three or even two.

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