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Reflect back on the concepts and learning experiences which have occurred, and answer the following:
· What did you learn from this course that you did not already know?
· How will you apply what you learned to your patient care?
Please provide evidence from professional sources to support your information. Include examples of your prior experience with a client who was having a problem with delusions and/or hallucinations.
Topic we have covered so far
Introduction to psychiatric and mental nursing
Therapeutic Communication
Legal, Ethical and cultural issues in mental health nursing
Mood disorders
Anxiety Disorder
Thought Disorder
Personality, somatoform and Eating disorder
Cognitive and Degenerative disorder
Patients in crises, grief and care for the dying, complementary and alternative therapies
Mental health nursing in the community
Remember that your posts must exhibit appropriate writing mechanics including using proper language, cordiality, and proper grammar and punctuation. If you refer to any outside sources or reference materials, be sure to provide proper attribution and/or citation.
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