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After reading the assignments in module 2, imagine you are in the same situations as one of the fiction characters and real people. What moral decisions would you have made and why? How would emotions and the situational context have played a role?   The readings are the files below

Support your response by providing either: o A deep and reflective justification defending your moral stance on a particular ethical issue. Using the ethical and moral theories learned from the reading assignments and quotations to defend your position is good way to justify your position o Reflections and critical examinations of relevant personal experience where moral decisions have been made and that support your position 3. Give informed opinions on a moral or social issue that are supported by clear and cogent arguments 4. All posts must be well organized and having cogent arguments justifying your position 5. Use proper netiquette (proper language, typing, grammar, spelling and punctuation) 6. Use MLA guidelines for all in-text citations and reference pages 7. All of your posts will be read by the professor only     
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