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Introduction (Attention Getters – Part 1)


Introduction MUST contain:

Attention Getter
Audience Relevance
Credibility Statement

First part of every speech.
It’s often written after the body of the speech.
You MUST Label all parts to prove you know they are there.

Purpose of Attention Getters
Get your audience’s attention – Hook them!
Gain contact with the audience

Get attention

Arouse interest

More interested = Better listening =
Greater speaker impact!

Types of Attention Getters
Quotations – #1

Use of a direct quote said by someone of importance or whose words are worthy, insightful and relative to the topic.
Cite the speaker of the quote in the introduction and in your outline (we will cover this more later)

Examples of quotations
H.G. Wells once said, “The past is but the beginning of a beginning.” (thinkexist.com/quotes/h._g._wells)

In the words of JFK “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” (www.brainyquote.com/)

Attention Getter #2
Startling Statements
Use a startling, shocking statistic or make some bold statement to catch people’s attention.

More than 3,800 young drivers ages 15-20 are killed every year.
More than 326,000 young drivers are injured every year.

Attention Getter #3
Challenging questions/Series of Rhetorical Questions
These are questions not meant to be answered
They stimulate your audience to think about your topic
How many of you…
What would you do if…

Attention Getter #4
Tell an appropriate joke or humorous story

Must relate to the subject
In good taste (appropriate to the classroom)
Not offensive
When in doubt-DON’T!
Make sure it is funny to everyone!

Attention Getter #5
Attention Capturing Incident
Might be a personal experience
“This morning I saw……”

Might be a story (anecdote or narrative)
ANECDOTE-A personal story, often humorous, that draws the audience in. It may even be an experience they can relate to, therefore grabbing their interest.

NARRATIVEA story relevant to the topic that may not be a personal experience.

Attention Getter #6
Visual/Audio Aid (picture, chart, music)

Must relate to subject

Must be held up, displayed, or played to class

Must be reinforced by first words: Explain connection to topic.

Do not pass visual aids around

Attention Getter #7, #8, & #9
7. Immediate issue or challenge or reference to a recent event (i.e. health care reform)

8. Personal reference or greeting – Refer to occasion (honoring/remembering someone, holidays, etc. used for Special Occasion speeches).

9. Suspense: Withhold your topic for a minute or two and make the audience think about what it might be.

PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Purpose statements & Attention Getters

Use your Personal Experience Topic
Write your general purpose (to inform or to entertain)
Write a specific purpose statement (To…)
Choose three different types of attention getters and write out three potential attention-getters for your personal experience speech topic (label each).

PRACTICE ACTIVITY: Purpose statements & Attention Getters
1. Choose one of the following topics.
Study HabitsThe Golden RulePet Care
Shoe SelectionRoad RagePollution
Video GamesMoney
(It is likely, but not required, that you will have to narrow your general topic down to some more specific element of the overall topic in order to create a truly useful or interesting attention-getter.)
2. Choose a General Purpose

3. Write a specific purpose statement: To….

4. Select three types of attention-getting techniques and write out a potential attention-getter for your practice topic using the correct format for each of the three techniques you have selected.

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