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6610 – Foundations of Project Business Analysis
Thinkpiece – Social Media Posts
Learning Outcomes
This assignment is directly linked to the following key learning outcomes from the course syllabus:
• Understand and interpret the impacts that AI will have on the process of business analysisand construct strategies for adapting processes to the process of developing requirements
• Develop a framework for integrating business analysis good practices in the projectmanagement environment – considering organizational and environmental complexity
• Design and implement processes that integrate change into organizational systems
In addition to these key learning outcomes, you will also have the opportunity to evidence
the following skills through completing this assignment:
• Critical thinking and analysis• Scholarly Writing• Thought Leadership• Data analysis• Systems thinking
Essential Components & Instructions
I hope that all our BA students go on to inform and shape the future of our profession. This requires engaging with professional conferences and building your brand through public and social media outlets. You already practiced preparing a conference presentation in the “Business Analysis Perspectives” assignment. Now, you will practice engaging the public and building your brand using your new BA knowledge.
This assignment will allow you to reflect on all you have learned so far, engage scholars read in the course, and develop your confidence as a thought leader.
Review the Harvard Business Review, IIBA, and other articles in the module for Week 6. For this assignment, you will prepare the following:
• Five (5) social media posts that engage scholarly articles, IIBA, and/or PMI’sframework.
o At least two (2) should predict future trends in our profession.o At least one (1) should discuss the role of AI in the future of BA work.o At least two (2) should discuss two of the authors read in Week 6.

You can choose which social media outlets to develop the posts for. Templates are
provided on Canvas. You are not required to actually post them. That being said, I
encourage you all to develop your LinkedIn brand and engage the field using the posts you develop for this assignment.
Additional Resources
Review the articles in Week 6 and refresh your memory on each week’s readings.
Rubric is found on Canvas.

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