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Life is often about the choices you make.  Do you accept Jesus into your life?  Do you take a leap of faith and pursue higher education after high school?  What career field do you want to master?  You have made a host of choices throughout your life to get to this spot–in this class.  Now, you will get to choose how to see the fruits of a walk with the Lord in the realm of sports management.
For your first major assignment, you must choose between one of the following prompts:
1. Now that you have started learning about the application of law in sports management, why not obtain experience as well?  For this assignment, you must contact a Christian high school, college, or professional sports manager or athletics director or department and interview the key decision-maker for the Christian organization.  Explain to them that you were asked to reach out and learn more about how both the Lord and the law impact the sport management field. 
In the interview, you should first ask them how they wound up in the position they current hold.  Additionally, ask them how Christ has influenced their career and leadership in the sport industry.  Finally, discuss how the law influences their activities.  Assess whether they have a preventive plan in place for various aspects of what they do, and who helps develop those plans.
Make sure to take thorough notes.  Write a five page paper in APA format (not including the cover page or references page) discussing what you learned from the interview, how Jesus impacts sport management, and what influences the law may have had during the sport manager’s career.  You must include two (2) scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (not including your textbook or the Bible, which should also be included), particularly in the area of sports and the Bible, to craft your own vision of how sports, law, and God will interplay in your life.  
2. Research the interplay between the Bible, sports, and the law.  Write a five page paper in APA format (not including the cover page or references page) that discusses the interplay of the Bible, sports, and law.  You must utilize five (5) scholarly, peer-reviewed resources to support your discussion (not including your textbook and Bible, which should also be included).  Based on your research, what have you learned about the how these three key aspects of life mesh, and how you expect each of these elements will influence your future career goals.
Once completed, select the “Week 2 Assignment: First Quarter Learning Activity” link above these instructions, and upload your Word document.  Other documents forms, such as PDF, will not be accepted.  This assignment accounts for ten (10) percent of your final grade.
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