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Submit a 1- to 2-page case write-up that addresses the following:
· Summarize the assumptions of attachment theory in 2–3 sentences.
· Identify the problem in your chosen case study to be worked on from an attachment theory perspective.
· Explain how attachment theory defines and explains the cause of the problem in 1–2 sentences.
· Develop two assessment questions that are guided by attachment theory that you would ask the client to understand how the stress or distress, bond, and/or environment is affecting the client.
· Identify two interventions to address the problem. Remember, the theory should be driving the interventions. In other words, you would not identify systematic desensitization since this is not an intervention guided by attachment theory.
· Write one self-reflective question that is influenced by attachment theory that you can ask yourself to gain greater empathy for what the client is experiencing.
Submit also, as a separate document, your Week 3 Analysis of a Theory Worksheet.
Be sure to:
· Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.
· Use literature to support your claims.
· Use APA formatting and style.
· Remember to double-space your paper.
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