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Re: Week 4 Question 3
by   – Sunday, 4 December 2022, 10:19 AM

The single logic model can change view of entire project of public health because it could be the most effective way to involve the society and run them to maintain a good health condition and also making a healthy society. Where as many individuals in the society not have any aware ness how to maintain a good health, by knowing them benefits in a logical way can make society healthy .For example following traffic rules strictly can make our society accident free , as it is one of the complex social health as implementing some rewards to people who helps society to make it healthy, so people show interest in participating.where as single logical model Annalise the benefits and drawbacks of the public health project can change the entire structure of the project, the first nation also have an observation on the society and their health they gather information and make group and discuss about project and outcome with a good idea to the entire structure of the project .But, the application of single logic model in the public health project has a low rate of success in a complex way as it is compared with different or multiple logic model in our society. it requires many changes that are done by the first nation people, so the theme of the first nation people is to discuss in group and out come with different thought of each person and finalize the multiple logic models.
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