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APA Sample Proposal
For class assignments, proposals can include an APA cover page as well as a reference page if sources are used. APA style does not provide direction for a proposal; therefore this sample is comprised of practical elements from an APA-formatted paper as well as content that would be found in a formal internal proposal.
• Font and Text Color o Use black o Use recommended fonts:
§ 11- point Arial § 11-point Calibri § 10-point Computer Modern black § 11-point Georgia § 10-point Lucida Sans Unicode § 12-point Times New Roman
• Layout and Spacing o All lines are double-spaced throughout the entire document. o Indent the first line of every paragraph using the tab key, set at five to seven
spaces or one-half inch. § Writers should ensure that a line is not tab indented when centering a
heading so as not to appear off center. o Use one space after a period at the end of each sentence. o Margins should be one inch on all sides of the document.
• Consider the Audience o Using your assignment directions as a guide, consider the audience of your
proposal. Are you making a proposal to your supervisor or another leader within your organization? Are you writing a proposal for a potential external client? A simple internal proposal, as modeled in this sample, will generally be less complex and detailed than a proposal for an external customer, which may require additional research. The requirements of your specific assignment will dictate the extent of the detail, background, and supporting data you include in your proposal.
• Purpose of the Proposal o A proposal should answer the following questions:
§ What is the problem? § What do you plan to do? § What are the benefits of your plan? § How will you implement your proposal? § What are the next steps?


Proposal Title

Student Name
University of Phoenix
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Proposal Title
The introduction of a proposal should state the problem succinctly and indicate a proposed plan
of action. The level one heading, below, can sum the problem up in a word or two.
The next few paragraphs will outline a detailed account of the problem and will include
any pertinent details associated with the problem.
This section of the proposal will include the recommended solutions. List between three
and five possible solutions, more or less, depending on the parameters of your course
The conclusion of the proposal will indicate a plan to meet and discuss the proposal
further and a desired timeline for doing so.

Reference Page
[Reference Page: Use a separate page to list the references and double-space the entire page.
The section label References is at the top of the page, centered and bold. Italicize the titles of
books and journals (including journal volume numbers). Eliminate this section if your proposal
does not use references.]
American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological
Association (7th ed.). https://doi.org/10.1037

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