1) Top 10 Best Disposable Vapes of 2022: A Comprehensive Review

As the world is slowly moving towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, more and more people are turning towards electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The market is flooded with different types of disposable vapes due to their convenience, affordability, and portability. Disposable vapes have gained immense popularity among the new vapers because of their simplicity and hassle-free experience. Here are the top disposable vapes that you can consider in 2022.

1. Puff Bar Plus

The Puff Bar Plus is a premium disposable vape that comes with an in-built 550mAh battery that can last up to 800 puffs. This vape’s compact design offers a comfortable grip, making it easy to carry around. It comes in various flavors, including banana ice, grape, lush ice, and peach ice.

The Puff Bar Plus uses salt nicotine that ensures a smooth throat hit and rich flavor. It doesn’t require any filling or charging, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Moreover, it comes with adjustable airflow, giving you control over the draw.

2. Hyppe Max Flow

The Hyppe Max Flow is another popular disposable vape that comes with an impressive 900mAh battery and can last up to 1500 puffs. This vape has a sleek design and comes in a wide range of flavors, including strawberry banana, lush ice, and guava ice.

The Hyppe Max Flow has an adjustable airflow design, making it perfect for vapers who prefer a more customized experience. It also features a draw-activated firing mechanism that doesn’t require any button-pressing, making it incredibly easy to use. With a range of exciting flavors and long-lasting battery life, the Hyppe Max Flow is a great option for vapers who want convenience and sustainability without sacrificing quality.

3. Mojo Vape

The Mojo Vape is a disposable vape that is perfect for the new vapers who want to try nicotine salt flavors for the first time. The Mojo Vape is small and compact, making it easy to carry around and use on-the-go. It comes with a 280mAh non-rechargeable battery that can last up to 250 puffs.

The Mojo Vape offers a range of delicious flavors such as pineapple ice, watermelon, and classic tobacco, providing an authentic smoking experience. It is effortless to use as it is draw-activated, making it ideal for vapers who don’t want to bother with buttons or refillable pods.

4. Posh Plus XL

The Posh Plus XL is a luxurious disposable vape that comes with an enormous 1300mAh battery, which can last up to 1600 puffs, making it one of the most long-lasting disposable vapes in the market. It also features an adjustable airflow ring, allowing you to customize the vape’s draw as per your preference.

The Posh Plus XL comes in a range of mouth-watering flavors, including pink lemonade and sour apple candy, providing an excellent taste. It is sleek and portable, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

5. Suorin Air Bar Max

The Suorin Air Bar Max is a fantastic disposable vape that offers a staggering 2000 puffs, which is one of the highest on the market today. This device also features adjustable airflow, allowing you to adapt the draw to your liking.

The Suorin Air Bar Max comes in a range of flavors, including blueberry ice, lush ice, and strawberry watermelon, providing an exquisite taste. It also has a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism, making it easy and straightforward to use.


Disposable vapes have revolutionized the vaping industry, providing an easy and convenient alternative to traditional smoking. These five disposables provide a wide variety of flavors, nicotine levels, and puff counts, ensuring that all vapers can find something that suits them. Whichever disposable vape you choose, you can rest assured that it will offer a satisfactory and unique vaping experience.


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