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This week, you take the first important step toward completion of your Week 6 Assignment by submitting the name of the agency and social worker you intend to interview. The Assignment you submit here is straightforward, but the result of the choice is important.
Your scheduled interview with a social worker in your community provides the opportunity to deepen your understanding of a social worker’s experience in the “real world.” You can connect your social work inspiration more directly to the field and to practice. Or, you may discover a new path or affirm the one you are on. This is also an opportunity to learn about different agencies where you may be interested in completing your field education.

Be sure to review the Learning Resources before completing this activity.Click the weekly resources link to access the resources. 

· Arrange a visit to an agency or organization in your community that employs social workers.
· Identify a social worker with an MSW–level degree to interview.
· Secure permission to interview that social worker.
· Schedule a time to interview the social worker. Be sure to leave enough time to conduct the interview and complete the Assignment. It is highly recommended that you review the Week 6 Assignment now, if you have not done so already.
Submit the name of the agency and the social worker, including the social worker’s degree or licensure (e.g., MSW, LCSW, etc.), with whom you will collaborate for your Agency Presentation.  You will submit your presentation by Day 3 of the Week 6 Discussion. Posting your presentation in the Discussion will allow you to learn from your colleagues’ presentations, including by asking questions or discussing what you learned from your colleagues.


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