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What is the point of capstone?
Purpose of preparing a capstone project is to demonstrate your professional attitude to raised problems. Using acquired knowledge and an opportunity to make the world a better place are the main reasons to start preparing final project. [Original source: ]

What personal or professional experience inspired your interest in your capstone project idea? Is it based on a need you have experienced from leadership? A personal passion? What leadership theories and concepts from your past courses could you draw upon as you engage in the project?
I will be doing my capstone project idea based on my professional experience of 25 years in the banking industry. It will be based on my leadership experience on ethical sales and management. The world of banking has been shocked by the exposure of Wells Fargo’s unethical way of manipulating sales goals. It’s unfortunate that they got exposed but clearly, it’s been a way of processes in all the banks. From a previous course, we had discussed the importance of ethical management, its impact to the organization and employees. More than the professional aspect, it’s also a personal passion that I instill the ethical values to my team.
Below are the factors I will consider in using a training model analysis to measure the ethical culture of a company and how it affects the performance of its workforce.
1. The training analysis model will show the organizational culture and how the company expects that its core values are applied by each individual while performing tasks related to their position on a daily basis. Each position being proposed for the new structure will have responsibilities related to the sales aspects defined by the nature of their job, as well as behaviors that exemplifies the core values by which the company created under its code of conduct policies.
2. In addition to the ethical sales expectations, the company needs to determine the tasks that each position included in the organizational structure requires to complete. By determining those tasks the company can establish, the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and create a training model that contributes to fill in those gaps to provide that all employees are supported in their role
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