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· Reflect on the social problem that you selected for your Final Project. Consider any changes you would make to how you framed the problem, based on feedback that you received from your peers and your Instructor last week.
· Review the Learning Resources on systems thinking. Consider how you would use the four challenges of change in Stroh’s (2015) systems thinking framework to better understand your social problem. In addition, consider the differences between using a systems approach and a conventional, linear approach to address the problem. 
Submit a 2-to-3-page paper (not including a title page or reference list) that addresses the following components of the Final Project.
· State the Problem You Selected. Provide a succinct statement that articulates what you currently know about the problem, based on what you learned from your peers, your Instructor, and/or the Learning Resources this week and last week.
· Reframe the Problem.  Explain how the problem has been framed in the past. Then, reframe the problem using people-first, strength-based language. Be sure to incorporate any feedback that you received from your peers or Instructor last week.
· Apply Systems Thinking to Understand the Problem. Using the MCFL systems thinking framework from the Stroh text, describe the problem in terms of:
· Motivation: Why should things change?
· Collaboration: Who is affected and who are the stakeholders?
· Focus: Why should stakeholders collaborate to solve the problem? What should be done to leverage change?
· Learning:  Why should the public bother to make the change? What do they need to learn? What is missing (needs)? What language should be used to frame the overall social problem?
· Explain the differences between using a conventional, linear approach versus a systems approach to address the problem. What are the major differences?
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