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Assignment 2: Case Study Capitalism
Assignment #2: CASE STUDY – Capitalism
Assignment #2 is based on the capitalism case study in the textbook, Corporate Social Responsibility (Chandler, 2020), pages 95-106. You may work individually or in groups to complete this assignment. Your professor will decide the number of students per group. If you work in a group, only one member of the group needs to submit the paper on eCentennial – please include the name of each member of your group on the cover page.
Complete and submit this assignment on eCentennial by due date. Review course website and calendar for all assignments due dates. This assignment is worth 15% of your final mark.Instructions:• Read the case study on pages 95-106 of the textbook.• Answer the following questions from page 106 of the textbook.
1. “The Occupy Wall Street campaign ( was a success.” Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?
2. After reading this case, what do you think were the main causes of the Financial Crisis? Has anything changed today?
3. How can a firm motivate salespeople who work on commission (as many mortgage brokers did in the run-up to the Financial Crisis) to sell products that are in their customers’ interests rather than their own?
4. Consider how many credit cards you carry, and how many loans you’ve taken out. Do you think that reform of the credit-fueled economic model in the West is essential for a more equitable global economy?Requirements:• Each answer should be approximately ½ page, single spaced, size 12 font.• Each answer should include information from the textbook and online lecture as applicable.• Include a cover page with your name(s) and student number.• All pages should be numbered.• Include in-text citations with a reference page, following the APA 7th edition citation guide – this is a formal paper.Please submit your assignment in the Assignment #2 submission folder on eCentennial by due date and time in Module 5. Good luck!

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