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 Personal Financial Management


Applying Personal FinanceManage Your Cash!What difference does it make where you keep your money? The returns are so low on checking and savings accounts that you certainly wont grow rich on their earnings! Its no wonder that many people tend to overlook the importance of managing their cash and liquid assets. This project will help you evaluate your cash management needs and the various financial service providers available so that you can select the one best suited to your needs.
First, spend some time making a list of your needs and preferences as it relates to banking. For example, Do you like to visit your banking institution in person, or would you rather do your banking electronically or by mail? Is a high yield important to you, or is your typical balance usually pretty low so that any earnings would be minimal? What other services might you need, such as a safe-deposit box, brokerage account, trust services, or financial and estate planning?
Next, go back through this chapter and review all the types of financial institutions and the services they provide. Then, beside each need on your list, write down the institutions that would best meet that need. Is there one banking institution that would meet all your needs, or do you think youd require several? Look beyond your area as well, and consider what services are available over the Internet or from other regions of the country. Make a list of your top choices and find out more information concerning their services, products, and fees charged to help you decide where youd like to do business.
This information is also required for your term paper. Your submission should be a minimum of one page of content in length, answering each question with a substantive paragraph of 4 5 sentences in length. Please type the question as well as your answer. 

(My bank is Chase, I usually do online banking- to pay my bills and send Zelle money and payments) I have a checking and savings account.
(We bought our house 2 and 1/2 years ago) My spouse pays majority of the mortgage. 

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Course Text Required Text(s): PFIN 7Author(s): Gitman, Joehnk, and BillingsleyEdition: 7thYear: 2016ISBN:Digital/electronic Option ISBN:97803570336099780357033692Publisher:
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