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· Step 3: Add a cover page to the Word Document. Include the Title of the assignment (example: Operating Systems), your first and last name, name of university, and (date of assignment)
· Step 4: In the same Microsoft Word document where you placed a screenshot of your properties window, compose a paper identifying your computer’s operating system elements.

· Step 5: Use the questions below to explain, why it is important to understand what your operating system is, and what it can or cannot support.
Answer the following questions in your paper:
· What is your Operating System (OS)?
· Why is it important to know the OS of your computer?
· How much memory (RAM) does your current system have?
· Why is it important to ensure you have enough RAM?
· What is the processor speed on your computer?
· Why would you need a faster processor?

· Here are the paper requirements:
· Include a cover page,
· Include a separate page with the title “Reference” as the last page in the Word document
· Include at least two (2) pages for the body of the paper (this includes the screen shot).
· Include the screen shot in the body of the paper. A total of 4 pages
· Use Font Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. Double spacing is preferred
· Include any sources you used for your research
· Place the screen shot below the cover page.
· The paper is due by the end of the unit.
· In your paper you must demonstrate knowledge of this week’s topic(s). Your goal is to demonstrate to your Professor that you understand this material.
· The paper must be written in your own words. If you elect to include some material from the Web, it must be referenced in the Reference page.
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