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Case Study: I Can’t Do It All
Week Three: Assignment One. Case Study: “I Can’t Do It All”

“I Can’t Do It All” – Case Study
Please read the case study on page 418 in your text (different page in your eBook) and write a 750-1250 word count paper answering these questions: 

 How would you describe the organizational culture of Healthdyne?
 Using Exhibit 11.1 (page 269 in your text), identify TWO specific forces and factors that Mr. Brice could manage to change the culture of Healthdyne.
Describe how he can use your identified choices, making recommendations. (Hint: be specific. Please don’t write “better communications” or “create a plan” Be specific.)
 Use the case study rubric to guide you for maximum points
Submit by 11:59 PM Sunday night