Cleveland Clinic  Conduct an evaluation of the organization based on strategic planning analysis. Your evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan Download evaluation of t

Topic: Cleveland Clinic

 Conduct an evaluation of the organization based on strategic planning analysis. Your evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan Download evaluation of the organization’s strategic plan must include the following:

·        Analyze the internal environment.

o   Identify at least two internal problems associated with the organization and explain the rationale. Examples may include

§  Patient experience

§  Internet search keywords: organization name + patient reviews

§  Telehealth availability

§  Limited marketing

§  Delayed payments for billed services

§  Cybersecurity

§  Internet search keywords: organization name and security breach or cybersecurity or ransomware attack

§  Price transparency

§  Health care staffing shortages

·        Analyze the external environment.

o   Examine all the following external issues that can impact the organization’s ability to meet the Mission, Vision, and Values and the goals identified in the strategic plan:

§  Political

§  Economic

§  Social

§  Technological

§  Environmental

§  Legal

·        Evaluate the competitive advantage of the organization.

o   Explain what the organization does that no other organization in the community or region does. Examples may include

§  Differentiation from competitors in the community

§  Reputation

§  Superior location (e.g., Consider the income of the area and who the consumers are likely to be based on the location.)

§  Customer satisfaction

§  Convenience

§  Price level

·        Examine the role of stakeholders (address at least three of the following):

o   Government

o   Accrediting bodies

o   Insurance providers

o   Patients

o   Licensed professionals

o   Other health care organizations (e.g., competitors and partners)

o   Large employers in the area (e.g., up- or downsizing in number of employees and how that affects the health care organization, or employer needs for specialized care providers)

·        Assess the services provided (address at least three of the following):

o   New or innovative services or products

o   Renowned health care providers (e.g., a doctor who has special expertise or experience)

o   Availability of financial support for qualifying patients (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, financial assistance opportunities)

o   Modern technology and equipment

o   Equitable care that ensures a fair distribution of care among all individuals in the community and is culturally competent (Tip: Evaluate the mission, vision, and values statements to determine the organization’s position on equitable and culturally competent care).

·        Analyze the organization’s competencies and resources.

o   Intellectual capital (choose two)

§  Professional competency (e.g., highly qualified and credentialed health care workers)

§  Information systems and data management

§  Contracts with state or federal government (certified to provide care to patients using Medicare and Medicaid)

§  Contracts with insurance providers (e.g., in- versus out-of-network costs to patients)

§  Contracts with other organizations to provide care for employees (e.g., large employers in the community—see stakeholders segment above)

o   Organizational competencies (choose two)

§  Managing the continuum of care (e.g., maintaining contact with the patient over a long period of time and across health services to ensure they receive the best possible care)

§  Training physicians and staff to ensure their skills, knowledge, and behaviors reflect current industry standards and best practices

§  Review of strategic plans and altering the plans as needed (e.g., alternative strategies)

§  Environmental scanning (e.g., benchmarking the services, skills, and work force against competitors)

·        Create a recommendation for the future direction of the organization of choice. Based on the findings on the topics above, address the following:

o   What recommendations can be made to ensure the organization manages future growth or continued success?

§  What are the short-, medium-, and long-term changes that need to be considered?

§  What does the organization need to do to maintain its financial health and viability?

The Organizational Evaluation final paper

·        Must be a minimum of eight double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style



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