Client Jennifer Scott Background Information Categories Client Information Name Jennifer Scott Age: 15 Grade Level: 8th Diagnosis: ADHD Substance

Client Jennifer Scott Background
Information Categories Client Information
Name Jennifer Scott
Age: 15
Grade Level: 8th
Diagnosis: ADHD
Substance Abuse Disorder (Marijuana)
Conduct Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Background Jennifer Scott is a 15-year-old bi-racial female, that identifies as lesbian. Jennifer resides with her maternal grandmother in a rural community with limited services. Her biological father is deceased and the whereabouts of the mother is unknown. Jennifer has 4 siblings, two older and two younger. The minor siblings are in the custody of child services and reside with various relatives. Jennifer’s legal guardian is elderly and has traditional southern Baptist beliefs. Jennifer has resided with her grandmother since the age of 3. Due to Jennifer’s runaway history, she has not consistently attended school in the last three years.
Presenting juvenile case Jennifer currently appears before the juvenile court for Runaway and Felony Auto Theft charges. Jennifer’s whereabouts were unknown for approximately three months; when she was arrested with two known gang members on an Auto Theft Charges.
Prior juvenile history Runaway (five times)-first runaway at 11 years old.
• Not adjudicated
Shoplifting-12 years old
• Misdemeanor adjudicated
Theft by Taking-14 years old
• Felony adjudicated
Truancy-12-15 years old
• Not adjudicated
Substance Abuse Marijuana: started at 11 years old
Gang Affiliation Associate of criminal street gang members
Older brother is gang affiliated
Medical Medicine for ADHD: currently not taking due to runaway status
Current Placement Local Detention Center
Prior Placement Local Detention Center (2 times)
Group Home (6 months)
Outpatient substance treatment-did not complete
Trauma History Parental Abandonment
Parental Loss
Sexually Abused by relative at 5 years old (reported but no official services for the abuse received as of this date)
Additional other facts Jennifer has a history of having relationships and living with other older females. These relationships have caused ongoing strain between herself and her grandmother. At times, her grandmother has not wanted her back in the home. She has a strained relationship with all her siblings, and her older brother has a history of criminal and gang activity.

In this assignment, you are working as a juvenile court probation officer. You have been assigned Jennifer Scott. You can read about her background. You have been assigned to write a 700- to 1,050-word report that identifies all the major interpersonal, familial, and environmental risk factors for your client. You will use this report to create a comprehensive case plan for her in Week 5.

Specifically, your report should do the following:
• Identify at least 2 interpersonal risk factors for your client.
• Identify at least 2 familial risk factors for your client.
• Identify at least 2environmental risk factors for your client.
• For all the identified risk factors, justify why each is a risk factor for your client.
• Discuss how juvenile risk factor identification differs from that for adults.

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