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Provide background and history of the community

Instructions for the following slides:
The slides have questions that can help compile the data needed for your windshield survey.
Emphasize and elaborate your answers.
Provide pictures of the community to enhance your PowerPoint slides.

Community Vitality
Are people visible in the community? What are they doing?
Who are the people living in the neighborhood? What is their age range? What is the predominant age (e.g., elderly, preschoolers, young mothers, or school-aged children)?
What ethnicity or race is most common?
Do you notice tourists or visitors to the community?
Do you observe any people who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
Do you see any pregnant women? Do you see women with strollers and young children?
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails)

Indicators of Social and Economic Conditions:
What is the general condition of the homes you observe? Are these single-family homes or multifamily structures? Is there any evidence of dilapidated housing or of areas undergoing urban renewal? Is there public housing? What is its condition?
How do people get from place to another? Is public transportation available? If so, what kind and how effective? How timely? Personal autos? Bikes, etc.? Are there any indicators of the kinds of work available to the residents? Are there job opportunities nearby, such as factories, small business, or military installations? Are there unemployed people visible, such as homeless people?
Do you observe any interest in political campaigns or issues, such as campaign signs?
What kinds of schools and day care centers are available?
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails)

Health Resources:
Do you see evidence of clinics, hospitals, mental illness, substance abuse centers?
Do you see evidence of office of doctors and dentists, health department facilities, urgent care centers, and pharmacies?
Are these resources appropriate and sufficient to address the kinds of problems that exist in this community?
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails)

Environmental Conditions Related to Health:
Do you observe recreational facilities and playgrounds?
Do you see preschools and daycare facilities?
Do you see any restaurants? Is there food being sold on the streets?
What evidence of nuisances like ants, mosquitoes, flies, or rodents do you observe?
Description of the clinical manifestations and assessments.
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails)

Social Functioning:
How many types of churches, synagogues, or other places of worship are there?
What evidence of a sense of neighborliness can you observe?
Can you observe anything that would make you suspicious for social problems such as gang activity, juvenile delinquency, drug or alcohol abuse, and adolescent pregnancy
Assessment of the learning needs of the population.
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails)

Attitude Toward Health and Health Care:
Do you observe any evidence of folk medicine practice, such as a botanical or herbal medicine shop?
Do you observe that health resources are well utilized or underutilized?
Is there evidence of preventive or wellness care?
Provide nursing diagnoses based on your assessment of the community or the most prevalent disorder.
(This can be more than one slide due to all the information it entails.)

Summation of your community.
This is where you can mention the conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population.

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