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 Assessment Description
Conflict is a natural part of the human experience. Young children are experimenting with their autonomy and independence, and developmentally they are egocentric. In your classroom and at the school site, there will be conflicts. Consider how children interact with others at a young age and learn how to resolve conflict.
Use the following scenario to inform your assignment:
Crystal and Kimber are kindergarteners in your class. They alternate between being best friends and worst enemies, depending upon the day. Today, during center time, Crystal accidentally hit Kimber with the dump truck. Kimber cries and cries and refuses to be solaced. She angrily shoves Crystal, who hits her head. Both children are cleared by the nurse and parents are called. However, the classroom conflict escalates throughout the day.
In a 1,000-1,250 word, create a specific plan to resolve the conflict that includes the following:

At least 2-3 de-escalation techniques for conflict between Kimber and Crystal.
At least 2-3 strategies to create a calm, positive atmosphere for the other students during a conflict.
At least 2-3 strategies to incorporate positive interactions between Kimber and Crystal and the other students.
Description of a follow-up or debriefing session with Kimber, Crystal, and their families.

Support your plan using at least three scholarly resources.
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