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Construction Team
· Create a construction project team. The team should contain the following members at a minimum:
· Owner: Zain
· Design Team: AZD Architects in collaboration with Blue Heron
· Contractor: Tower Construction

Construction Project

Project description: Soccer Stadium to be built on the old unfinished Wayne County jail site in downtown Detroit

· Identification of job / market sector:
· Entertainment/Commercial mixed use
· Description of the project scope (1 – 2 paragraph narrative identifying the job)
· This would be a mixed-use commercial Entertainment Venue for Concerts, Soccer Games and much more. The current Jail right off of I-75 is an eye sore and is holding the city back. I’ve been a lifelong fan of soccer and I want to bring that feeling to the heart of Detroit. I believe a project of this caliber, although expensive could move the needle for the city of Detroit. This Venue will create jobs and lifelong memories.
· Project size: 700,000 Sq ft
· Proposed project budget: 325 million
· Proposed schedule: Grand opening July 2024
· Identify the project delivery method: Design Bid Build
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