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Discussion Posts on Microeconomics
Discussion 1
Watch the video clip from “Broke”, from The Office .
What was Ryan referring to when he said, “Over time with enough volume, we become profitable.” What short-run costs was he focused on, and what was he ignoring?
Given what you have learned so far about economies and diseconomies of scale, discuss the ramifications involved as a firm grows bigger. Use examples from beyond your readings to describe firms experiencing either economies or diseconomies of scale and what this implies for competition and for the customers of these firms. Discussion 2
Watch the video clip from “Fastest Auction in Europe? Daily Flower Auction in Netherlands”.  Then research the Aalsmeer flower auctions in more detail.
What aspects of perfect competition do you see present in the Aalsmeer flower auctions? Since there is no truly perfectly competitive market in the world, but rather markets that approach this extreme, are there any elements of the Aalsmeer flower auction that you think do not fit the model of perfect competition?
Describe another industry that you find fits the model of perfect competition.
 Discussion 3
Watch the video clip from Forrest Gump. 
Consider that Forrest’s good luck of “being in the right place at the right time” allowed him to operate as a monopoly. Typically, the fishing industry is a highly competitive industry where economic profits are rarely made in the long run. However, in a twist of fate, Forrest’s boat is the lone survivor after a hurricane washes ashore and destroys all the other shrimp boats.
Consider the barriers to entry facing potential competitors in Forrest’s monopoly market. The more contestable a market, the closer it will be to a perfectly competitive market, whereas the less contestable a market, the closer it will be to a monopoly.
Describe a firm that you believe is a monopolist. Describe the barriers to entry that exist and discuss if they are contestable or not.