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  500–700-word response total (not for each question):
Provide a response to these prompts:  
· You are a counselor in an agency setting. A new client has just been staffed to you for aftercare and you are investigating the client’s records. You learn that while inpatient the client took a depression inventory, and the resulting z score was +2. Assuming a normal distribution, what percentage of the population would score at or below that level? Assuming higher scores indicate higher levels of depression on this instrument, how would you interpret the client’s scores?
· The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is one of the most widely used instruments. Scales on the MMPI have uniform t-score distributions. One of the scales is called Ego Strength. Assuming you do not know anything more about the MMPI, interpret a t-score of 30 for a client who has reported thoughts of suicide.
· On your final exam for your assessment course, your instructor reports that there was a positive skew with regard to distribution of scores. Describe what those scores might have looked like on this test. What are the implications for the group’s performance? What implications might there be with regard to reliability and validity of the exam?

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