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1. Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Article Critique (10% of grade) (CC4. a, b)
Students will select and critique a nursing research article on an evidence-based practice related to nursing practice or health assessment. The 2–3-page paper (not including title page and references) will follow APA format. The student is expected to include the following elements in the paper: a summary of the article and the research presented, a critique of the validity of the research, and an analysis of the proposed evidence-based practice based presented in the article.
Use the following guidelines to assist with writing the paper:
1. Provide at least one to two paragraphs summarizing the essential content/ideas of the article and describing the research
2. Include a section describing your view of the article’s balance: Did the writer address both sides of the issue? Was there bias involved and if so, slanted towards which side? What is your evidence of this bias or imbalance?
3. Include a section describing your opinion of the article’s quality and your own position: Did the writer do sufficient research? Is the article technically correcting and clearly presented and supported? Are there elements of the argument that could have been enhanced with more detail or more argumentation? What would a follow-up article contain to be useful to this one? Did you agree with the article?

Rubric for EBP Article Critique – NUR 3069




Quality of the Article


Selects a research article from published nursing literature that is peer reviewed. Article discusses EBP pertinent to nursing or health assessment.

Summary of Article


States article objective without repeating author’s words. Covers the major points in the article succinctly.

Article Analysis


Discusses strengths and weakness of research design and presentation (clarity, organization, and methodology). Discusses significance of research findings and recommendations.

Adherence to English Grammar and APA format




Paper is written with correct grammar, no spelling errors. Uses APA format correctly, including for citations and reference list.

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