Elevator Speech, SBAR Proposal, and Implementation Plan Presentation In Week 6, you

Part 5: Elevator Speech, SBAR Proposal, and Implementation Plan Presentation

In Week 6, you submit 3 deliverables to complete the capstone project, including the following items:

·        An elevator speech video or document that summarizes your program

·        An SBAR proposal that outlines the required supporting information to have your program approved

·        An implementation plan presentation showing considerations for implementation of your program

Review the requirements for each requirement of Part 5. If you have any questions or need any clarification about the requirements, please ask your instructor.

Elevator Speech Document

Record a 2- to 3-minute video or 275 – 350 word document of an elevator speech to the senior leadership and board of directors. Your elevator speech or document is a brief summary of the proposal you completed in Weeks 1 – 5. Include the following in your video or document:

·        Summarize the health problem the program addresses. Consider items included in Part 1.

·        Explain your program design, including the impact on marginalized groups. Consider items included in Part 2.

·        Provide a high-level overview of your program’s staffing and finances. This section must be brief. Include a brief discussion of total staffing requirements (headcount, not by role), summarize overall planned expenditures, and summarize the breakeven analysis you completed in Part 3.

·        Conclude with your final recommendation. 

SBAR Proposal

Complete a 525- to 700-word SBAR proposal that outlines the required supporting information to have your plan approved. Review the readings on writing SBAR proposals to help you with this assignment.

Submit your SBAR proposal, including all previous work, in this capstone project document.

SBAR Proposal Situation

Clearly and succinctly describe the situation or problem. Enter text below.




What relevant factors led up to the described problem? Enter text below.




What improvements would result from investing the resources to tackle the problem? Enter text below.




What action do you propose? Enter text below.



How do you propose to make it happen? Enter text below.



Implementation Plan

Prepare a 6- to 8-slide (title slide and reference slide note included in slide count) implementation plan presentation including speaker notes (must contain 100 – 250 words) for executive leadership and the board of directors that outlines the considerations for implementing your program. Include the following in your presentation:

·        How your program fits with the organization’s strategic objectives. Consider how this program fits with the organization’s mission and goals.

·        How your program improves the organizational or departmental performance and how you will measure it. Consider how this program fits within the organization what metrics you’ll use to demonstrate the outcomes.

·        How empathy influences decision-making. Include at least one specific example where your program does, or will, include empathy in decisions such as improving patient-centered care, seeking community input for needed services, and staffing plans.

·        How you will identify and mitigate the risks of the program to your organization. Consider areas such as quality management, patient confidentiality, safety, IT systems, patient records, personnel management.

·        How this program includes your organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Consider how your program brings diverse perspectives, equity, and inclusion for both internal and external stakeholders.

·        How you will market the program to the public, including marketing campaigns and public relations initiatives. Consider how those who benefit from the program will know about it.

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