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Final Project: Science of Reading
Final Project – Part 3
PowerPoint slides: Submit your “draft” of the presentation in this discussion forum.  Slides should include notes that will serve as a “script” for your VoiceThread presentation. Slides should include some graphics and should be visually appealing. Remember this is a “draft” and you will be able to make changes as you finalize the presentation next week.
Please feel free to comment on your classmates’ outlines but remember that all comments must be constructive.  Please share if there are any ideas that you would like to incorporate in your own presentation, extensions of ideas based on the classmate’s presentation, or other relevant comments about what you have learned through this process.1. Introduction: defining what is the science of reading in relation to literacy instruction
2. Fundamental components of reading: explaining the components that are fundamental to the science of reading
3. Benefits: outlining how the science of reading helps students learn to read
4. Involvement: how teachers can engage and assist students in understanding the science of reading
5. Qualities: qualities teachers should uphold to promote the science of reading
6. Classroom activities: activities and strategies that can enhance the effective implementation of the science of reading in the classroom
7. Home activities: activities that can motivate and encourage students to improve based on the elements of the science of reading
8. Technology: the significance of technology in the science of reading
9. Consideration: considering students’ understanding of the science of reading and its impact on their learning
10. Conclusion: restating the crucial components of the science of reading and its benefits in helping students learn to read.

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