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Rather than hand you a topic to discuss or limit you to a specific style of academic writing, I would like for you to begin considering a topic on which you would like to compile library research. This final essay could be considered your “final exam” in this class. As such, choose something you find interesting and valuable as you’ll be thinking and reading about it for the next month or so. 
Caution: There are some topics that tend to lead to poorer student papers: everything has already been said about certain topics (gun control, abortion, climate change, etc.) Attempting to cover an issue like these almost always leads to bland “research report” style papers that fail. Cover something that is specific enough that you will have some new, interesting claim to put forth. Add to human knowledge; don’t just regurgitate what’s already been said. 
For this discussion, place the topic in bold at the top of your post. Then tell us in 250 or more words why you think this topic is interesting and worthy of research. Finally, list in italics two possible one-sentence thesis statements you might consider at this preliminary stage of the writing process. Of course, after researching, you may find that you have to change the thesis.
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