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Creativity and Innovation in Business

We conclude Creativity & Innovation in Business with a creative challenge that will facilitate reflection upon what we learned and accomplished this semester. You’ll design two merit-badges that celebrate the advancement of creative competencies: one for a classmate, and a second for yourself.

1. Select the two creativity or innovation competencies that will be celebrated via the merit badges. We began the semester by introducing several competencies through the personal creativity assessment—e.g. fluency, flexibility, novelty, playfulness, openness, etc. — and fostered several more through the Pizza Challenge—pitching, divergent & convergent thinking, brainstorming, minimalism, etc. We also developed self-coaching skills through the reflections and debriefs across the semester. Choose one competency for yourself, and another for a classmate.
2. Design 2 that expresses the skill and might bring joy to someone’s life.
a. Use 1080 x 1080 pixels (i.e. an Instagram square)
b. Consider using Express or Illustrator . is another free option but watch out for micro-transactions.
c. Export the design as a .jpeg file.
d. Crafters: do feel free to make hand-made badges. If you do so, simply take a picture of the badges.
e. Remember to diverge to generate many options (fluency) from diverse perspectives (flexibility) before committing to a design.
3. Contextualize the design to make your intentions explicit. Use grammatically complete sentences to provide the following information:
a. What? Briefly define the competency that the badge celebrates.
b. How? Briefly explain how the design expresses the competency.
c. Why? Why did you award yourself this merit badge? Why are you are awarding a classmate the merit badge?
4. Brag share the merit badge you created for yourself to the discussion forum on SLATE. Include the What? How? and Why?
5. Give one merit badge to a classmate using the online discussion forum on SLATE. Include the What? How? and Why?
6. Celebrate your classmates’ accomplishments and learnings. Read your classmates posts to see what badges they designed and whose accomplishments they celebrated. You can also give a merit badge designed by a classmate to someone else. In fact, you can award as many badges as you see appropriate.

The Formative Reflection is worth 20% of the final grade. The two merit badges will be evaluated separately and are worth 10% each.
A Likert scale ranging from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’ will be applied to evaluate the merit badges via following criteria below.
1. The author created a merit badge that was 1080 x 1080 pixels. 2 points.
1. The author explained what the merit competency the badge celebrates. 2 points.
1. The author explained how the merit badge expresses the competency. 2 points.
1. The author explained why they awarded the merit badge. 2 points.
1. The design of the merit badge expressed the competency in a novel or original way. 2 points.
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