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You have already done some research on Hemingway as a writer and come up with a thesis that incorporates one of the lit terms we discussed (theme, motif, and/or symbols). Now you will use the additional  library research skills you learned to perform a  literary analysis of the works of Ernest Hemingway with which you are familiar. (You’ve read at least three short stories for this class, but don’t feel like you have to stick with only those three.) Include at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources you find in the HCC library databases. (This means stay away from basic internet research!) Don’t forget to visit office hours if you want to discuss a thesis or anything before you go too far with this project.
In addition to writing 3 pages supporting the claim in your thesis, you will also include a one-page reflection on how you incorporated feedback from past assignments into this essay in order to grow as a writer.
Please be aware of formatting guidelines and MLA-style of in-text and Works Cited reference entries.
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