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Hooks Views on Feminism
1. What exactly does Hooks say is “feminism?” In other words, what is her definition of feminism? How is it different from what you have heard about feminism?
2. Who makes decisions about what “feminism” is and should be? The media, academics, the status quo, etc…Explain.
3. What is the argument against “feminism” ?4. Can we expect for how we define feminism to change in time? why or why not?
5. What lines of thinking or establishments does feminism disrupt? How so?
6. After reading Hooks and watching the videos, what is getting in the way of feminism and its goals?
Links To Videos The Professor Is Referring To

Bell Hook Chapters The Professor Is Referring To
Only Read Chapter 8 From Bell Hooks Feminism Is For Everybody
Only Read Chapter 2 From Feminist Theory