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Illustration Essay
For this assignment, you’ll prepare a 1,600- to 1,800-word illustration essay based on your graphic organizer; do not switch topics. You may not submit this essay until you’ve received your grade and instructor feedback on your prewriting exam.
While you’re waiting for your prewriting to be evaluated, you should
· Review the reading assignments for Lesson 5
· Study the sample illustration essays and the guided writing assignment in Chapter 13 of your textbook.
· Prepare a rough draft of your illustration essay so you’re ready to revise when you receive feedback on your prewriting.
Use the topic and graphic organizer you completed for your prewriting assignment; do not switch topics. You’ll develop your essay from your graphic organizer. Your topic should be one of the following:
· A generalization about effective or ineffective parenting
· A generalization about your current or future career
· A generalization about your age group, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and so on
You may write in first-person or third-person point of view. You are writing for an audience unfamiliar with your topic, so your goal is to use examples and language your readers are familiar with and can relate to.
Use the guided writing assignment you began with your prewriting. Steps 7 to 9 will help you build on your outline or graphic organizer to draft and revise your essay.
You may find that you need to do more research; if you include more sources or use different sources in your essay, remember to use the correct parenthetical citation and add them to your list of references. Refer to Chapter 23 in your text for APA format instructions.
Exam Format
Format your prewriting and essay exams according to the following instructions. Refer to the sample APA-style essay in your text (p. 639).
1. Start with a title page that includes your
Student ID
Email address
2. Use the header function to insert your page number in the top right margin of your document.
* You do not need to include your essay title in the header.
3. Begin your document on page 2 after the title page.
* Start page 2 with your title
* Do not include abstracts in your essays.
* Use transitional words, phrases, and sentences (p. 149) to
guide your reader through your essay.
* Do not use headings in your essay.
4. Include your references list on the last page of your document.
* Do not submit it separately.
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