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Industry Research and Analysis with ANOVA
In Case 1, you used in Excel and it provided suggestions about the data. For this case, you will be using ANOVAs to look for differences.
Wording for ANOVAs:
(Null Hypothesis) H0: There is no difference in Survey Measure by Demographic.(Alternate Hypothesis) H1: There is a difference in Survey Measure by Demographic.
Based on what you discovered in , see if there are differences in the four survey measures by one demographic (other than gender).

Insert Chart in Word.
Describe the findings.
Write the Null & Alternative Hypotheses.
Run the ANOVA Test, = 0.05 level.
Reject or Fail to Reject the Null Hypothesis.
Discuss implications for management. Research and find out if there are studies that make connections between the variables you tested (or similar ones).
Make industry connections with the research from IBISWorld. Include workplace applications that may be implemented based on the findings.

Run a total of 3 ANOVAs for this assignment.
No quotations are permitted in this paper. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to and . NOTE: failure to use research with accompanying to support content will result in reduced scoring Level 2-Developing across the grading rubric. 
NOTE: The template for this assignment is attached
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