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PART 1 (5 points)
List  and number five potential informative topics. Provide 2-3 sentences about their relevance to you.
PART 2 (5 points)
1. Identify the topic you will use for your speech and 2-3 lines about why you selected that above the other options.
2. Write the specific purpose statement that alludes to the precise goal for the speech: My audience will .. The purpose statement should be: a) a declarative statement, b) written as a complete sentence rather than a title or sentence fragment, c) descriptive and specific rather than vague, and d) focused on one idea.
3. Write a thesis statement that includes your three main points. 
PART 3 (15 points)
4. List five research materials in bibliographic form that you have found on your topic. Evaluate these sources as an annotated bibliography. You may select a book, scholarly journal article, newspaper or magazine article, or a website or media clip. You must select three different information source types. 
For each of these sources, do the following:

Write the citation in or MLA format. Formatting for most types of materials can be found in your text and the link provided. NOTE: If you have any questions about APA style and annotated bibliography, you may email your questions to the librarians, . NOVA Online librarians are here to help you!
List your sources by alphabetic order, using the last name of the primary author of each work you are citing.
For each source, write a one-paragraph summary of the source using your own words. Make sure to label the type of source (e.g., Book, Website, Journal Article, etc.).
Write another paragraph evaluating the source. How/why will it be a helpful source to include in your speech? What information in the source will demonstrate the main points that you will develop in your speech and/or provide information for connecting with your audience?

For your reference, here is a sample annotated bibliography, 
Label each part of the assignment.
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