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Procurement Outsourcing (PO) Strategies:
PO strategies at the highest level involve either materials or traditional business processes such as HR, IT, Finance, Accounting, Travel/Entertainment services, Marketing/Print/Advertising, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  Your task here is to choose a public business organization and report on what direct materials are being outsourced.  Direct materials are categorized as strategic (high-impact), bottleneck items (low-profit impact and high-supply risk), leverage items (high-profit items and low-supply risk), or non-critical (low-profit impact and low-supply risk).  Describe the outsource process in detail, who provided the outsourced services, and what direct materials were involved. 
You are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of twelve (12) slides, to include inline citations, a cover slide, and a slide of references.   Your citations and references should be APA-compliant.

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