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Dear ***********

***************** Electronics Repair Establishment is greatly privileged to offer you for an internship spot within our Electrical, communication and IT department. The position is of an Electrical Engineer whose main duties and obligational responsibilities will be held online. The concerned roles and duties are:
· Data analysis
· Circuit boards and Electrical designing
· Algorithm encoding on micro-controllers
· Submitting weekly reports

The listed position is planned to commence on May 15,2022 and will be a three-month unpaid internship programmed to be terminated on Aug 18, 2022. Please remember to email us the necessary documents as shown in your email so that our establishment may complete your profile and add you to the database.
Due to the fact that you will be receiving academic acknowledgement and credit for this position, you will not be able to receive any financial benefits, either salary or wages as your graduated colleagues. In the three-month duration, you will be able to access covert information on customers and trade secrets. By accepting the offer, you also acknowledge that the information must not be disclosed to anyone and must remain confidential. By doing the contrary, mandatory, and prompt actions will be taken and even the concerned local authorities notified on your actions.
Any changes that will be made to the offer will be notified to you. Please if you have any inquiries or concerns you can contact us via our email; . Please review the letter in full and sign it and send it to us via our email.
We look forward to working with you. We appreciate your time and consideration as you build your career in our establishment. We wish you a fruitful and successful internship. Welcome to **************** Electronics Repair Establishment.
Second Party (Intern)
Signature: Signature
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