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SAMPLE Case Study Assessment MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management

Read the below two scenarios/cases and answer the following questions:

Scenario/Case 1:
Volatility in the Global Business Environment (Source: based on the Unit Textbook, page 152)

One of the main factors that can affect the performance of a subsidiary is the occurrence of
volatility and turbulence in the global business environment. This volatility may require that
long-term goals be flexible in order to respond to potential market contingencies. According to
Pucik (1985), an inflexible approach may mean that subsidiaries could be pursuing strategies
that no longer fit the new environment.
Consider, for example, the impact on international business of major events in the past three
decades or so, such as: the collapse of the communist rule in the late 1980s in Eastern Europe
and Former Soviet Union; the adoption of the EURO (€) as the single currency by most of the
European Union (EU) countries; Chinese market reforms; the Severe Acute Respiratory
Syndrome (SARS); the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster in 2004; government cutbacks and
austerity measures associated with the global financial crisis that began in 2008; the Arab
Spring political disturbances in 2011; or the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus
known as COVID-19.
Each of these events has had profound implications for the global and local strategies of
multinationals. Because subsidiaries operate under such volatility and fluctuation, they must
tailor long-term goals to the specific situation in a given market. Problems arise when
subsidiary managers perceive that goals and deadlines set by the distant headquarters
strategy team are unrealistic and inflexible due to a failure to take into account local conditions
that change as a result of a volatile environment obviously, involving regional and subsidiary
mangers in strategic planning assist in managing this perception.
Answer the following question:
1. In the above scenario, a number of world events are listed that have had profound
implications for the global and local strategies of MNEs. Select a recent world event;

a. Identify and explain at least FOUR specific HR implications or concerns that
may arise from this event. (10 Marks)

b. Using theories and concepts from this unit, devise ONE relevant policy or
solution for EACH of these implications/concerns and critically discuss how
each of these policies/solutions can address these implications or concerns.
(20 marks)

SAMPLE Case Study Assessment MGMT3012 International Human Resource Management

Scenario 2:

Establishing a subsidiary of an Australian mining company in New
Delhi, India.

An Australian mining company intends to open a subsidiary in New Delhi, India to benefit from
the Indian government financial support and the low-cost skilled and unskilled Indian labour
market. The company does not have any prior experience in terms of managing staff in
another country, especially in the Indian context.
As an IHRM specialist, you are asked to advise the company on cultural issues in this new
Indian subsidiary.
Answer the following question:
2. Using ONE of the theories of culture that we studied in this unit, identify and critically
discuss 4 (FOUR) important cultural areas/issues that the Australian Chief Engineer
should be aware of before starting his job in the Indian subsidiary? (10 marks)


Please note that this is just a sample Case Study
Assessment to give you an idea of the type of cases
and questions. Therefore, the actual Assessment
might be on different topics with different questions.

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