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Know Your Audience Assignment
Lesson Overview, Learning Outcomes and Checklist
This unit explores the importance of audience in creating and editing technical documents.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this unit, the student will be able to do the following:
Recognize, analyze, and accommodate diverse audiences by describing writing for nonacademic audiences, purposes, and occasions.
Produce documents appropriate to audience, purpose, and genre by applying principles of writing as a process; adjusting language based on audience, purpose, and occasion;
Locate, evaluate, and incorporate pertinent information by identifying needed material; compiling material from a variety of sources.demonstrating ability to analyze audience and writing appropriately for that audience; using appropriate diction, including precise word choice and varied vocabulary.The major project due in Module 8 is going to be a portfolio of work leading up to a resume and cover letter. For this assignment, I want you to do some preliminary research into how writing plays a part in the day to day activities in your discipline. The report you submit here is a draft of what will be due in the final portfolio in Module 8. The instructions included below are for the final draft, but you will receive full credit for this submission so long as you submit a draft at any stage of completion.
In a one (full) page, single spaced, 12 point document with no header information, present a summary of the type of writing necessary in your discipline. You will need to use at least four sources for this project. Two of these sources may be the sources linked below. One source must be a scholarly book (not a reference or text book) written by a credible source or a scholarly, peer reviewed journal article. One source may be of your choosing. Be sure to choose wisely, however, since a portion of the grade for this assignment will depend on the quality of sources you select.
You may not use any quotes, but you can use summary to support your conclusions about writing in your discipline. You must include a second page that contains the references for the works you use, but you may MLA, The citations must be constructed and formatted correctly. MLA formatThis document should be clear, concise, and thorough. These are difficult things to balance. Do not use fluffy wording to make the document longer, but include enough detail to fill a full page. Remember that more words does not necessarily equate to more detail. If you are having a hard time reaching word count, look at each element and attempt to render your thoughts in greater detail (like zooming in on a picture, using greater magnification with a microscope, or exploring a town fully rather than simply zipping through on the highway).

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