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Law Enforcement Problems Paper
1 How does a police organization become accredited, and what are the benefits of doing
2 What is bias-based policing, and what can police leaders do to address it? What are the unique challenges facing supervisors in dealing with this issue?
3 What is the National Incident Management System (NIMS)? Include in your description the five major functions of the ICS; the initial duties and responsibilities of law enforcement and other response personnel; technology and equipment needs; public information responsibilities; and the activities that occur in an EOC and/or ICP.
4 What is the organization of our dual court system, and what are the primary functions of each of the major types of courts that exist within the federal and state court systems?5 Give examples of problem-solving courts; how are they different in philosophy and function from traditional courts?
6 What are the three types of inmates who engage in inappropriate relationships with correctional staff members?
7 How can shock probation further the goals of corrections? Boot camps/shock incarceration? What successes and problems have been found with these practices?
8 What is the meaning of noble cause corruption, and how does it apply to policing?
9 What protections are afforded criminal justice employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act?
10 What is a budget cycle? What is its importance in budgeting?