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LDR-612 Topic 5 Implementation of Individual Development Plan (IDP) Assignment


Implementation of Individual Development Plan (IDP)

In the templated assignments for Topics 1-3, you completed a majority of what will comprise the “Individual Development Plan” for your mentee. At this point, you will select two activities to implement with your mentee based on the list of proposed activities identified in the Topic 3 “Proposed Activities and Techniques” assignment submission.

The purpose of this assignment is to select and implement two activities to use with your mentee, document your use of them with your mentee, and then reflect on the mentee’s progress. For this assignment, review the “IDP – Implementation of the Individual Development Plan” template, complete it, and submit it as directed.  This template covers the following sections:

Selection of Activities

The two activities can be related to the same discipline or you can try and introduce separate activities that work on separate areas of growth. For example, if your mentee is working on listening skills, you can have the mentee create a written description of personal experiences with listening over the past few weeks. This would allow you to use techniques to redirect the mentee’s listening behavior during certain experiences. In addition, you could task the mentee with the opportunity to engage in a listening activity with another coworker or friend. This scenario could utilize some of the techniques you provided based on results from the first activity.

Documentation of Applied Activities

You need to evaluate your current mentoring experience and apply activities that will benefit your learning experience and your mentee’s mentoring experience. Include an evaluation of strategic activities they can employ in their current climate of learning and development within their organization.

You will have the next 2 weeks to complete this portion of your assignment. The activity can be a written requirement, physical requirement, or an activity that initiates a behavioral change over a predetermined timeframe. As your mentee is working through the activity, monitor the progress and utilize any coaching or mentoring techniques necessary to guide your mentee to be successful.

You must spend a minimum of 3 hours monitoring and working with your mentee for each activity. If you are in a location that prevents conducting the activity face-to-face, please use technology or additional resources to ensure you are providing a positive coaching and mentoring experience for your mentee.

Reflection on Progress and Meeting Long-Term Goals

Complete a 250–500-word reflection on the information you have obtained through the monitoring process. Be sure to identify your selected activities and include your rationale for selecting them based on the mentee’s behavioral and/or skill goals. Address any circumstances that required flexibility or adaptability. Determine how the activities will also meet the mentee’s long-term goals. This could consist of a performance indicator chart along with a brief explanation of the current status in the coaching/mentoring process.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. 

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LDR-612: Implementation of Individual Development Plan

Directions for Documenting Your Plan:

Continue documenting the plan by completing this log. With the exception of “Reflection on the Monitoring Process that has a higher word count, in 100-150 words each, respond to the following prompts.

Mentee Name:

Identify Selected Activities and Rationale (connection to behavior or skill goal)


Activities to Meet Long-Term Goals


Documentation of Applied Activities (Provide notes from mentoring session experience here that will serve to inform your reflection)


Reflection on the Monitoring Process (250-500 words)


Have you set a timeframe to implement the two chosen activities with your mentee? Be sure to prioritize this conversation so you are both clear on the plan and the time expectations.

Do you plan to coach or mentor? Be to provide a rationale for your decision.



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