Locate five basic Internet-based legal resources (i.e., Findlaw.com? – EssaysForYou

Locate five basic Internet-based legal resources (i.e., Findlaw.com).
Based on your research, answer the following questions:

How would these resources help you in the legal field?
How would you evaluate the reliability of each of these sources and verify how current the information is for each?

Discussion Question 2: Preventing Client Confidentiality Breaches
With nationwide electronic filing anyone with Internet access and specialized software for reading electronic court documents can open up all court documents. This poses a privacy risk because court documents often contain personal information such as names and addresses and financial information.
Debate and list the security measures law offices or courts can take to prevent potential privacy breaches posed by widespread electronic filing. Research the bar rules of your state regarding confidentiality to see whether electronic filing is mentioned
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