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If your life had a musical sound track, what would it be called and what ten songs would it include thus far?  
The  songs can be anything from Barney or music you remember as a child, tv theme  songs, movie themes, prom songs, songs your parents listened to or  anything that triggers a memory of your life at various stages. 

Create a make believe sound track (ALBUM – A Collection of Songs) of  your life and have a Side A, and a Side B (Include at least 5 songs on  each side like a vinyl LP).  List the names of the songs only (or song  and original artist) and do not download the actual songs or MP3s or provide links to youtube, etc.  If you do not know what a vinyl LP is, please google it.  
The first 5 songs should be from things you remember from childhood  to teenage years and the last 5 songs should be from teenage years to  adulthood.
Give your soundtrack a name or title.
Create an album cover and please include a pic of yourself as part of the cover artwork so that I can put a face with your name.
Pick one song from your childhood and one song from adulthood (your two favorites)  from your soundtrack and write one short paragraph for each and  describe why you selected these songs and what they mean to you and your  life.

This is a fun creative exercise, so I am looking forward to some really unique and creative submissions.
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