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Directions:  Please select one case scenario topic and post your own opinions. You will find a link to my PowerPoint on NASW Code of Ethics and a link to the actual code of ethics. You will use the actual NASW Code of Ethics to address your questions by identifying the code by its assigned, such as 1.01 Commitment to the Client and/or the Ethical Principles that apply. I recommend you carefully read all the Code of Ethics before answering the questions. Your post should be a minimum of 4 paragraphs (5-7 full sentences) and you may use first person to address your topic. You may want to begin your post by identifying which group you are in.
Scenario 1
You are a supervisor (MSW) in a mental health program which has a strict policy against transporting clients. As you are driving to work you see a woman who you know is one of your counselors clients, walking down the road. You assume she is walking to your office as she has at least 3 appointments a week and you have seen her at your office. It has begun to rain hard and the office is at least a mile away.

Is it illegal to stop and provide a ride to this client?
Identify any NASW Code that would support or challenge you providing this client a ride
Is this an ethical dilemma? Why or why not?
As the supervisor what would you do?

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