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ADad:Philosophy Statement Instructions (For Your Portfolio)Scroll to the bottom for my philosophy statementPhilosophy Statement from Other Classes If you have completed this assignment in CDEV 108, you may use it for this assignment. Just be sure to review it to make sure it still reflects your philosophy and make any edits you deem necessary.OverviewEvery professional should be able to clearly articulate their philosophy of working with children. Your philosophy statement communicates your beliefs about how children learn and grow and explains your view of the teacher’s role. It should be grounded in professional standards and will probably be revised throughout your career. In a job interview, you will be asked to explain your philosophy of early childhood education. You need to be able to identify those elements that are most important to you and that defines you as a teacher.For this assignment you are being asked to develop a written philosophy statement. This is a very personal statement that should reflect your own philosophy and beliefs as these beliefs will guide your actions in the classroom. FormattingThe statement should be ½ to ¾ page in length, and single-spaced. However, please double space in-between each paragraph. If it is longer, you will be asked to revise it. People do not have the time or inclination to read more. They are just too busy. You should be able to make your point in a succinct manner. 1. Title Select one of these titles or choose your own. My Role as an Early Childhood Educator or Philosophy of Early Childhood Education2. Develop a Rough Draft This is a copy that lets you get your thoughts on paper without worrying about spelling, grammar, or mechanics. If you get “stuck” use the information from the Brainstorming Activity in class to help you develop your statement. 3. Self-Edit Your Paper After you have composed your rough draft, go back and carefully read it at least two (2) times. Change parts that you think need to be revised. Then read it out loud to yourself. This is a great way to catch your mistakes or figure out if anything needs to be revised. I do this all the time.4. Writing Center Tutor Visit After you have completed your self-edits, conference with a Writing Center Tutor. This is REQUIRED. 5. Second Draft Using the feedback from the writing center tutor, make corrections and changes as desired. Reread it, and revise it (several times) until it is well organized and flows well
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